Here are a few things that Harry Gordon told people about himself: 

He was born on March 3, 1895 in Jersey City, New Jersey.

He said that there was no birth certificate on him because the
         Courthouse burned down and everything had been destroyed.
         ---Not true-Hudson County Courthouse is over 100 yrs. old.
         Birth certificates were not even required at this time anyway.

He was too young for WWI and too old for WWII. 
         ---During the WWI draft registration, he would have been
         22 yr. old.  That is neither too young or too old.  He should
         have at least registered.  But where???

On his Social Security # application in 1936, he listed his
         parents as Stanley Gordon and Elizabeth Ryan.  In the 1930
         Illinois Census, his parents are listed as both being born in
         New Jersey.  There is no trace of them in the 1900, 1910, or
         1920 New Jersey Census.

He was an amateur boxer, fighting in the bantam weight
         division under the name of "The Littlest Giant."

After having a little too much champagne at a wedding, he
         told someone that his real name was Harry RYAN, not
         GORDON--- hmmmmmm!!

While on a trip to San Antonio with his son in 1970, he
         remarked that he had been there before and that it had not
         changed much--- hmmmmm!!

He said that he had been in Galveston during the hurricane of
         1915--- what was he doing in Galveston?????

He met and married Lola Leake in 1923 in Malvern, Hot
         Springs County, Arkansas.  What was he doing in Arkansas?
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